They read and loved Interference


” The series of twists and turns in this book had me gasping—I didn’t see any of them coming. Not one. As an avid reader of psychological thrillers like The Girl on the Train and Wreckage, I approached Interference thinking that I’d be able to figure out where the book was going within a few chapters. How wrong I was! Instantly captivated by the plight of grieving widower Gabriel trying to put his life back together after the drowning death of his athletic wife, Chloé, I found myself enthralled by the eerie series of events that unfolded from page to page.
Marvelously, this book stymied my efforts to decipher the puzzle, and kept me reading as quickly as I could until the final pages. Then I went back and read it again to see where I’d missed the clues. Author Amélie Antoine’s skillful, fast-paced writing confounded my every theory about what was behind Chloé’s death.
I’m eager to share this well-crafted psychological thriller with fans and challenge you to be faster in figuring out what’s going on than I was. Once you’ve finished, you’ll likely find yourself biting your tongue to keep from giving away the book’s secrets! Elizabeth DeNoma, Editor

” Interference is a psychological thriller with nail-biting suspense and twists that will leave you gasping for breath. Amélie Antoine not only brilliantly handled the characters and their role within the story, but also loves to play with the reader’s nerves and knows how to pull off a stunning climax that will leave you speechless.” BloggerJerome

” If you’ve read Gone Girl or Girl on the Train, you will inevitably find yourself comparing it to Interference. The rapidly switching first-person POV and narration, the unexpected plot twists, and the ‘what if’, ‘no, it can’t be’ moments are inescapably resonant of those other blockbuster books.” M.L.

” Totally unexpected ending with so many twists and turns. Every time you thought you knew what was about to happen next in the plot, you will be proven wrong.” Iribur

” If you think you are good at predicting plot lines, I highly recommend that you read this book – you won’t predict this one! Two thumbs up to this fabulous French author! ” December Jane

” It’s reminiscent of “Gone Girl” and “Girl on a Train”, but the book stands on its own, and provides its own bit of suspense.” JM Alexandria

How good is this book ! It’s such a cleverly done, touching, maddening, funny, sad and different story, I must say, so do give it a go-you’ll thank me later, you know ! ” Lynda K.

A must read. I was captured by the first chapter. Do not read at night because you will not be able to stop reading. ” Corinne F.